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LiFePO4 1MWh 2MWH Battery Lithium Ion Energy Storage System For ESS Container

China Benergy Tech Co.,Ltd certification
China Benergy Tech Co.,Ltd certification
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Hello Kevin, The battery pack is working extremly well and I'm pleasantly surprised by the power it supplies. I will buy more in the future.

—— Mr Daniel (USA)

About the order, I am very satisfied about quality (180AH Lifepo4) cells are very good! I used them into my new project for electro solar catamaran I made myself 2014/2015. It is very nice...very good! My Best

—— Zach from Austria

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LiFePO4 1MWh 2MWH Battery Lithium Ion Energy Storage System For ESS Container

November 18, 2020
Latest company case about LiFePO4 1MWh 2MWH Battery Lithium Ion Energy Storage System For ESS Container

Key word: 1MWH Energy storage System, lifepo4 battery packs, 20" container ESS system 


Customer requirements:


1MWH Energy Storage System made by lithium battery packs.



Benergy solution:


Made by 48 packs of 652.8V 33Ah (21.542KWH).


1 Nominal voltage 652.8V  
2 Battery voltage range 571.2V~744.6V  
3 Nominal capacity 33Ah  
4 Total energy 21.542kWh  
5 SOC range 20%-100%  
6 Charge discharge capacity efficiency ≥95%  
7 Maximum continuous charging current(A) 33  
8 Instantaneous discharge current (A) 66 60s
9 Continuous discharge current(A) 33  
10 Battery cycle times 2000以上  
11 Total weight ≤200kg  
12 Ambient relative humidity 10%-90%  
13 Water dust protection standard IP67  
14 Anti-seismic property Meet relevant national standards: GB/T 31467.3-2015  
15 Battery pack composition It consists of 204 series and 6 parallels and a total of 1 battery box  
16 Battery system charging and discharging ambient temperature

Charging 0 ℃ to 60 ℃

Discharge - 20 ℃ to 60 ℃

Schematic diagram of battery box appearance
Schematic diagram of battery box interior
Schematic diagram of 2D dimensions of battery box
Model and definition of the communication plug-in between the battery box and upper computer

Overall appearance

A single set of battery racks
Value-added services
Charging pile

Two 320kW single-gun charging piles, which conforms to the "Design Specification for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations" (GB50966-2014),

"Engineering Technical Standards for Distributed Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles" (GB/T51313-2018), "Specifications for Construction and Completion Acceptance of Electric Vehicle Charging and Switching Facilities" (NB/T33004-2013) and other national and industry standards and specifications and Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal regulations on the construction, operation and management of charging facilities. The charging system can charge 4 external electric vehicles at the same time. The topology of the energy storage system is shown in Figure 11.


The specific performance parameters of the pile are shown in Table 3 and the Product Manual of Vehicle-mounted Charging Pile.


Technical parameters of a single charging pile


序号 项目project 单位 技术要求skills requirement
1 额定功率rated power KW 320
2 直流输入电压DC input voltage V 600-800
3 直流输入电流DC input current A 400-533


序号 项目 单位 技术要求
4 交流输入电压AC input voltage V 380±10%
5 交流输入电流AC input current A 460-562
6 直流输出电压DC output voltage V 150-800
7 充电枪输出最大电流Maximum output current of charging gun A 250
8 充电枪数量Number of charging guns - 2
9 双枪并充Dual gun charge   支持stand by
10 充电模式Charging mode   自动Auto
11 输出电流精度Output current accuracy % ≤±1
12 稳压精度Stabilization accuracy % ≤±0.5
13 纹波系数Ripple factor % ≤0.5
14 均流不平衡度Unbalance of current sharing % ≤±5
15 充电接口/协议Charging interface/protocol   GB/T18487.1-2015 GB/T20234.1-2015 GB/T20234.3-2015
16 启动时间Start Time   3≤t≤8
1 模块整机效率Module overall efficiency % ≥95
2 电流谐波含量Current harmonic content % ≤5
3 待机损耗Standby loss W ≤400
4 MTBF h ≥8760
5 连接器机械操作寿命Connector mechanical operating life ≥10000
6 噪音noise dB ≤65
7 防护等级Protection level   ≥IP32
8 充电枪线长Charger cable length m 8 米(8M)
9 启动方式Start method   手动/自动Manual / Auto
10 通讯方式communication method   CAN 通讯
11 人机交互界面Interactive interface   是Yes
12 外形尺寸Dimensions W*D*H mm 860*700*1760
13 整机重量(含模块)Whole machine weight (including modules) Kg 400
14 产品颜色Product color   白White
15 失效隔离Failure isolation   充电模块失效后能与系统隔离After the charging module fails, it can be isolated from the system
16 气味odor   无异味和有害气体No smell and there is
17 自动停机Automatic shutdown   当电源模块与控制板通讯失败When the communication between the power module and the control board fails 30S 内自动停止输出
18 CC1 检测Detect   有Have
19 系统安全system security   单模块故障不能影响Single module failure cannot affect系统的正常工作
20 声光告警功能Sound and light alarm function   有Have
21 后台传输功能Background transfer function   支持云平台数据传输Number of cloud platforms supported
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